Tour Europe in style, with off peak Camper van hire

Hiring a camper van during the off-peak season means you can get the best rates and the best experience.

During the height of summer, charming streets get overcrowded, prices are hiked up and sunburn can spoil your fun. During the off-peak season the sea is still warm enough to swim, you can find a place to sit in the most popular squares and the cooler weather means you’ll always get a good night’s sleep (with much less likelihood of biting bugs).

Taking a European road trip in October or November means you can enjoy plenty of space at the campsite – and you get to bag the best positions! You don’t need to worry so much about disturbing your neighbours (or being disturbed) because they won’t be right next to you. Queues for the showers won’t be a problem and you might even get a fabulous view to enjoy from your camping pitch. If you’re a bit of a food fanatic, autumn in Europe is when it all happens. Harvest time not only means the landscape comes alive with the beautiful colours of fall, but it’s also a great time to experience the grape harvest, mushroom foraging and olive picking.

Here are some of our favourite places in Europe to head to for an Autumn camper van trip:

Northern Italy – wonderful for lakeside peace and culinary festivities
South of France – warm weather, beautiful beaches and fabulous food and wine
Switzerland – alpine views and stylish cities
Germany – Oktovberfest and the Elbsandstein Mountains
Netherlands – ice skating, apple picking and beer festivals

… and you can tour them all at once if you like – our 30, 60 or 90 day hire packages are perfectly suited for adventures! 

When you’re planning your epic European trip, you can make it as well planned, or as flexible as you like.

Come up with a rough route and rank the countries and places along the way as ‘must see’ or ‘like to see’. Google maps means you can work out distances and driving times, but make sure you give yourself plenty of spare time along the way as driving can be tiring and you never know when you might come across something spectacular that you’ll want to stop and see. Watch out for hidden costs like road tolls and additional parking charges. Make the most of car ferries and scenic routes, use travel apps to help you out along the way …and embrace whatever comes your way. With a little bit of planning and plenty of adventurous spirit, your European road trip could be the trip of a lifetime.

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