About us

The Kamper Hire story began in 2003 in the mind of Mark Daysh. Over the last 20 years he’s been providing the best camper van hire service around and there are  many Happy Kampers with great memories to prove it.

20 years of providing quality VW camper van hire from our Hampshire HQ's

Over a beer and a barbecue Mark and his friends hatched a plan. They were heading to the Glastonbury festival to camp under the stars, but rather than opting for a tent, Mark was keen to make the trip a lot more comfortable by hiring a VW camper van for the festival. Achieving this proved to be a lot more difficult than he imagined – and after failing to find a company with a spare VW Campervan to hire, in the end it was a tent they stayed in after all. The surprising lack of availability of VW vans to hire then sparked some serious thought from Mark.

Mark's Camper Van hire company came from spotting a gap in the market.

Fuelled by Mark’s passion for the great outdoors, the camper hire business was launched from an HQ in Droxford, near Southampton in Hampshire, and he took on a fleet of four VW T2 Campervans. Before long Kamper Hire began to thrive. Mark invested in more of the characterful VW Camper Vans and their quirky style proved increasingly popular. The only problem was that in camper van terms, they were all senior citizens and prone to breaking down. Whilst customers were charmed by the vans, they were just not reliable enough to be the basis of a robust business – so a change of direction to a more youthful, well behaved model of Camper Van was necessary…
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Home of the VW California

In 2007, Mark sold his classic vans to loving homes where they just had to manage easy jaunts and got plenty of polishing. Mark then invested in an alternative fleet of state-of-the-art VW T5 California Camper Vans. Reliable, packed with brilliant mod-cons and still with plenty of style – Kamper Hire thrived.

Hiring out this modern Camper Van attracted new kinds of customers to Kamper Hire.

The new VW California Camper Vans could be hired for European camper holidays, and for extended periods too, so soon the variety of uses for the Kamper Hire Camper Van fleet grew and grew. As well as family camper hire for the school holidays, escapes for couples and festival camper van hire, Kamper Hire also began providing vans for UK camper holidays and tours – and long term camper van hire for overseas visitors from the US, Australia and New Zealand.

The erratic UK economy and rise of the Staycation has meant Camper Van Hire has become even more popular.

Exchange rate dips, uncertain economy and concerns over international travel (not to mention the Covid-19 pandemic) have meant that people are realising that the UK has a lot to offer when it comes to holidaying. The staycation holiday has become more popular than ever with people really starting to fall back in love with Britain’s beaches, wild spaces, cultural sites and fantastic festival experiences. As a result, they are also looking for ways to combine getting out and about with fun, flexibility and comfort. Cue the Kamper Hire UK campervan holiday. A luxury VW California Camper Van at really competitive prices – with the added bonus of great customer service from Kamper Hire. It’s glamping on wheels.

Mark now has a long list of happy kampers, many of who hire camper vans from Kamper Hire year after year.

Mark couldn’t be happier that Kamper Hire still a thriving business and his enthusiasm is directed at continuing to provide an excellent service and grow his Kamper Hire campervan fleet. You only have to take a glance at some of Kamper Hire’s glowing customer testimonials to see that Customer Satisfaction is what we’re all about. Our aim is to provide a seamless service, a tip-top, well equipped camper van for you to hire and then leave it to you to head where the road takes you.

Hiring a camper van from Kamper Hire is a great way to try before you buy

As buying a camper van is a bold investment, trying a VW California Camper Van before handing over the hard cash makes a lot of sense. As Mark now counts himself as a bit of a camper van expert, he’s advised countless people on which Camper Van to purchase and has hired VW California Camper Vans to lots of keen potential purchasers. In fact, one of his strict company rules is to only have campervans in his fleet which are less than two years old (and mostly they are less than a year old).