What's so great about a camper van holiday? We've made a list!

Taking a holiday in a VW California Ocean from Kamper Hire is brilliant.

Transport and accommodation sorted in one handy package, and the freedom to roam wherever you choose. But those aren’t the only reasons to book a camper van break…

#1. It’s super flexible. Book 4 days camper van hire, a fortnight or months of hire…

You can try camper vanning for a long weekend’s escape, organise a two week tour of all the best beaches or plan a full on month long road trip – it’s up to you.
With plenty of room for loads of luggage and beds that’ll rival your own for comfort, a camper van adventure is the kind of holiday that’ll make fabulous memories. 

#2. The perfect holiday solution for family or friends… and fido can come too!

It’s difficult to please everyone but with a camper van holiday you really can. The little ones will love camping out, bigger kids love the freedom to roam and you’ll love the fact you can be spontaneous and safe at the same time (and bring the dog). Super sociable, a camper van trip is perfect for groups of friends and the perfect way to celebrate.

#3. This year, a camper van staycation could be a safer bet…

With Brexit uncertainty casting a cloud over holiday plans generally, this might well be a good opportunity to experience the best the UK has to offer.
Passports may be a problem, insurance a palaver and airport queues unbearable …but they won’t bother you if you opt for a UK based camper van break, courtesy of Kamper Hire.

#4. The long term weather forecast is already looking bright…

Whether it’s down to global warming, El Ninio or natural surges, experts are predicting the next five years will bring exceptionally hot weather. This summer could be another scorcher and perfect for heading into the Great British Outdoors. Whether your preference is beaches or shady woodlands, camping out is the best way to enjoy those balmy summer nights.

#5. If you book with Kamper Hire we’ll offer competitive rates, excellent camper vans and plenty of Extras…

We’re an expert team so we know exactly what our customers need – and that’s what we offer! To find out more about what some of our Happy Kampers have to say, look HERE.


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