Camper van overnight stays

Night Camping and driving are a breeze in the ocean camper, for night time driving you have the safety benefits of a driver alert feature which spots the signs you might need to take a break, plus airbags and ABS. If you park up for supper somewhere, you can feel confident that the van is secure and the privacy glass and blackout blinds can be used to conceal your luggage and belongings.

The VW California Ocean Camper Van is as manageable and comfy by night as it is by day.

When you get back to the California Ocean, on balmy nights you can make the most of the outside seating and canopy until bedtime. Enjoy a chilled glass of wine accompanied by music from the entertainment system and relax. If the nights are a little chillier, you can make the most of the on board auxiliary night heater and make yourself a nice warm cuppa on the stove.

The VW California Ocean Camper Van is as manageable and comfy by night as it is by day.

Once you’re ready to call it a night, it’s just a matter of pushing a button to raise the pop-up roof and a quick rummage to get the van prepped for bed time. The camper van seats swivel easily and the beds are simple to put into place. If you want to stay up whilst the kids sleep, they can snuggle down in the canopy whilst you chill out down below.

The sleeping areas aboard the VW California Ocean are roomy and comfortable and there’s plenty of space to stretch out. You can bring your own bedding and make your camper van a home-from-home or if you’re coming from abroad (or you can’t be bothered with laundry) we can provide bedding for you. The blackout blinds provide privacy and allow you more chance of a bit of a lie-in if you fancy it too.

The benefits of choosing the VW California Ocean for your camper van holiday are endless.

There’s the fact that you can rely on a good night’s sleep so you’re ready to hit the road the next morning, the added extras like pumped fresh water and a fold out table for al-fresco breakfast, and the super handy interior which means that in no time you can be all packed up and off on the next stage of your adventure.

It’s fair to say that night after night, the VW California Ocean is an unbeatable travelling companion.