Campervan Sites Open All Year

Published on 26th February 2015

Stay for free all over the UK

We’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Britstops to offer all our Kamperhire customers an even more amazing experience when you’re exploring the UK in a camper van.

The idea is simple: access to over 520 hosts (not campsites) where you can stay overnight in your campervan, totally free! Think centuries-old pubs in pretty villages, farm shops where you can buy fresh-picked produce to cook up in your van, Kent country vineyards for a cold bottle of local wine watching the sun set over the vines, Northumberland breweries (hello). We’ve heard there’s even a Llama Park. It’s all safe and completely free.

What’s so brilliant about it (even apart from it being free and safe) is that Brit Stops are all over the British Isles, so for an authentic experience why not mix up your camper van trip with a stop at a Brit Stops site - and see the UK a bit differently.

As invited guests, there’s obviously a code of conduct. And this is here which is worth a read before you go: