For the best possible festival experience - hire a camper van.

Published on 20th March 2017

Ahhh, the perennial festival dilemma… Do you glamp it up in uber luxe style, complete with solar power shower, 4 bedroom yurt and a butler - or just bowl up with nothing but a loo roll and a set of glow sticks? This year, perhaps it's time to consider an alternative - Why not hire a Camper Van?

Our camper vans are the perfect festival accomodation.

Whether you’re booked up to experience the family focussed, chilled out delights of Camp Bestival, the awesome beach party that is Newquay’s Boardmasters or you’re planning to rock out with the best of them at Donnington’s Download, when you hire a Camper Van for a festival, you get a all the comfort and mod cons you could wish for. Shelter from monsoon rain, a break from the mud (or baking sun) and somewhere to get a brief bit of shut-eye to keep you going through the weekend. There’s no compromising on festival cool either because let’s face it there’s nothing more festival-worthy than a VW campervan.

Camper van hire for festivals - Hire a campervan and party in style

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Why not hire a campervan from kamperhire, then just bundle a few bits on board and get going.

Our camper vans are all fully equipped with all the key equipment you could possible need for a festival weekend. If you like to be self sufficient, opt for one of our snazzy VW California SE Campers or hire a VW California Ocean camper because they sleep up to four people and are fully equipped with a built in kitchen. You can grab a cool drink, or make yourself a hot one any time you like, or you can rustle yourself up a bacon buttie or two - beating the queues and avoiding festival-belly to boot.

If you’re planning to make the most of the festival catering and think your camper van will just be your chariot and sleep solution, our VW Beach camper van could be right up your street… enough seat space for six people and if you take advantage of our optional drive away awning, you’ll have enough space for everyone to sleep too. There’s no fitted sink, stove or fridge but there’s tons of space for storing bedding, wellies, waterproofs, sunblock and beer. 

There are loads of other benefits to hiring a camper van to take to a festival weekend.

When it comes to catching thirty winks, your bed will be dry and comfy and you won’t be faced with a a stranger who’s accidentally wandered in when you get there (unless you’ve invited them). It’s unfortunate that security can be a bit of a problem at festivals but if you hire a Camper Van you can lock up securely - safe in the knowledge that your baby wipes, spare socks or emergency stash of cash will not be pilfered. It’s an important point to note that no-one will be nicking your tent pegs either.

Our VW Camper Vans are all top notch, less than a year old and come with lots of useful additions.

festival camper van hire - festival in style with Kamper hire

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As well as plenty of seats, an extendable roof and a heater, all of our VW Campervan models include blackout blinds so you can shutout the morning glare (and any nosy neighbours) and a side awning so you can create your very own chill out zone. Add a little music of your own from the inbuilt high-spec music system and you’ll be thoroughly festival’d -up.

If you hire your VW Camper Van from Kamperhire, you can expect an entirely hassle free booking service.

You’ll also get fully comprehensive insurance, a generous allowance of 100 miles per day and 24hr roadside assistance. Add this to the fact that all of our camper vans come equipped with lots of extra handy bits and pieces to make your trip more comfortable and it’s really a no-brainer that Camper Vans truly do make the ideal festival friends. Admittedly, having a Camper Van won’t stop you having to use the festival site’s loos, but if it gets to the point that you really can’t bear them anymore - at least you can use your Camper Van to make a quick getaway.

Hire a Campervan for a festival - Party in Style

Hiring a luxurious camper van from Kamperhire is simple. Just let us know when you’ll be needing it and we’ll give you a quote. Then you can leave everything else to us. We’ll have your Camper Van all ready for collection so you can concentrate on having an unforgettable Festival Experience - for all the right reasons.