Fancy a September Cycle Sportive? Do it Kamper Hire style.. 

Published on 24th August 2018

September is a brilliant time to get on your bike.

Plenty of sunshine without the blazing heat of midsummer, roads that are less clogged with holidaymakers, and the English countryside, bursting with late summer colour. If you like nothing more than getting into the saddle and taking off at speed then September is a brilliant time to take part in a ‘Cycling Sportive’ because there are so many to choose from, at every possible level.

Cycling Sportive’s are not races, more challenging distance rides for large groups of cyclists. Sportives are carefully organised (often by specialist cycling organisations) so safety, logistics and enjoyment are all taken care of. You just have to concentrate on the pedaling part. There are rides to suit every kind of rider, whether you’re a slightly wobbly learner or a fully fledged MAMIL and you can usually opt for the route and distance to suit you.

Designed to be fun events with plenty of upbeat camaraderie, taking part in a cycling Sportive can be a great excuse for a mini break with friends or a family get-together.

It’s the ideal opportunity for an adventure where you get to head off for a few days - and it makes perfect sense to hire a camper van for transport and accommodation in one! 

There's loads of information on the web about the best Sportive’s, and the most suitable for you whether you’re a beginner or expert. We particularly like the guides on  and some of the must-cycle events they recommend for September include:
On Sunday August 5th Chipping Sodbury’s  Rotary Club will be running this excellent Cycle Sportive through fabulous Gloucester countryside. Enjoy homemade sarnies en route too made by keen Rotary volunteers.
On Sunday 23rd September this flexible ride in the beautiful South West Peninsula is perfect for combining with a few days sightseeing via camper van.
On Sunday 9th September, leafy Sevenoaks in Kent hosts a mixed but challenging ride with plenty of ups and downs to get your legs working. With lots of fabulous local attractions as well as some beautiful countryside, vineyards and views this is an ideal point to start a camper van adventure.

If you’re feeling seriously ambitious, the Land’s End to John O’Groats tour is happening between September 8-16.

With lots of different packages to choose from, why not take your support team along in a Kamper Hire camper van and feel the benefits at the end of each leg of the journey?

Taking part in a Cycling Sportive can be a fantastic experience.

A personal challenge, opportunity to make the most of the Great Outdoors (especially at this time of year) and the ideal way to explore new territory. At Kamper Hire, we can provide the perfect vehicle from which to base your Sportive adventure… the latest VW California camper van. It’s economical, easy to drive (you can opt for an automatic if you think your legs will thank you for it on the way home) and the California has all the mod cons and home comforts that you could wish for after a long day in the saddle. Of course we can provide a sturdy bike rack (and a choice of other Extras) too so your pride and joy will be safely secured until you’re ready to ride off.

Combining a Cycling Sportive with a camper van holiday means you can provide entertainment for you friends and family whilst they spur you on.

You also get to enjoy some rest and relaxation afterwards, touring the local pubs, enjoying the local sights and then heading to a nearby campsite for the night. Cycling Sportive’s really do provide a great opportunity to go somewhere you’ve never been before so you may as well make the most of it by extending your trip and turning it into a holiday.

Organised Cycling Sportive’s vary in cost and facilities but you can expect support if you have a bike malfunction or medical situation and plenty of guidance as far as the route is concerned. Before you choose your Sportive it’s a good idea to look at the climbs as well as the distance because it’s often these which prove to be the biggest challenge. Although it’s fine to be a beginner it’s also important to make sure your bike is up to it and whilst you may not have a cycle that’s in the same league as some of the mean machines you’ll see on the day, borrowing your mum’s shopping bike is probably not the best option. You should practice fixing punctures before hand too - just in case.

Taking plenty to drink is important of course, as is wearing (and bringing) the right clothing so a sudden downpour doesn’t beat you. The main thing really is to pick a ride which you’re going to enjoy... and then go for it. If you have the promise of a camper van mini break afterwards as a reward then we think that could make the experience even more brilliant.

Why not get in touch with us and book a camper van (with a bike rack) today?

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