Tailgate Tent

Tailgate Tent - £35 per rental

Camper Van Tent

This genius Tailgate Tent quickly and easily provides a handy extension to your camper van. Perfect as additional storage space for bulky luggage, a place for your Portable Toilet or as a space to change out of your muddy boots.

This handy little tent is the perfect addition to your VW camper van. Easily erected and attached it gives you additional space to store bags or equipment. If the weather is rainy it means you can still keep the tailgate up without the inside of the van getting wet and it makes a useful spacious place to get changed out of wet or muddy clothing. In hot weather it provides useful shade for storage or sitting. If you’re hiring one of our Portable Toilets, this Tailgate Tent can make a great place to position it and pop into overnight. Get in touch if you’d like to add a Tailgate Tent to your hire package or if you’d like to find out more.

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