Automatic Gearbox (DSG)

Automatic Gearbox (DSG) - £10 per day

Make life even easier by upgrading to a DSG camper van model with an automatic gearbox. The VW California DSG means less work for you as the 7 speed, dual clutch gearbox improves efficiency and driving comfort.

The VW California camper van is considered to be as easy to drive as any car, but if you’re used to an automatic gearbox or just fancy making life even easier for yourself, opting for the DSG model with automatic gearbox is well worth considering. The 7 speed, dual clutch gearbox gives you almost imperceptible gear changes with no interruption in power flow and you can choose between normal and sport mode. This results in both increased driving efficiency and comfort (particularly if you’re heading for hilly countryside!). Contact us to find out more or to add this option to your hire package.

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